5 extraordinary female photographers

Women don’t get enough light when it comes to photography, so in celebration of International Women’s Day here are 5 portrait photographers that have inspired me throughout the years.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibowitz is probably one of the well known people on this list. Her photography is graceful, original and takes many risks. I just love how she can make any scenario look interesting.

Sally Mann

Sally Mann has beautiful child photography that is mixed with elements of adulthood. It is  nostalgic, moody and colourless but at the same time original and beautiful.

Laura Stevens

I love the representation of women in Laura Steven’s photography. Her style is beautifully dark and is easily recognizable. She made me fall in love with her dimly lit photographs and her beautifully moody colourschemes.

Alex Hainer

I admire Alex Hainer for her analog photography. Being an artist that rarely shoots digital, she captures true colours of the world around her. Easily recognizable by her vintage grain, her photography is soft and beautiful.

Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi captures beautiful photographs of people of colour. Even though her photographs are mostly black and white, they radiate with colours of love and glow with power.



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